Our Workshop

We have a large family of artisans that work in-house in our workshop in Port au Prince. Our team focuses on sewing, jewelry-making, and leather work. We are constantly striving to explore new techniques with different types of materials and natural resources, while also training our artisans in new systems of production and the importance of attention to detail. Our sewing program consists of around 10 seamstresses that create all of our sewn goods.  Each seamstress has a unique background; some began sewing through creating school uniforms for their children, while others began their career in an assembly factory in Haiti. We have a close-knit group and family-like environment. Each product is made as a team and each member is a vital part of the process. 

Our jewelry program has around 5 women creating the lovely necklaces and bracelets in-house. Each terra cotta clay piece consists of natural clay beads hand-formed by the talented artisans at Papillion Enterprise. We are proud to partner with this social enterprise dedicated to job skill training and employment in Port au Prince.

Our workshop is located in Tabarre, an area of Port au Prince just a few miles from the airport. If in Haiti, please stop by and visit us!