Horn + Bone

Boss Andre Paul and Boss Jean Juste are the master artisans we partner with for the bone and horn work behind Fait La Force. 

Boss Andre Paul runs his own atelier that employees around 30 artisans. His group specializes in bone, horn, wood, and coconut products. Andre first learned this craft from his great uncle and has now been working with horn and bone for over 30 years. He is extremely talented and dedicated to the advancement and growth of artisan work in Haiti.

Boss Jean Juste works with a team of 5 artisans in his outdoor workspace in downtown Port-au-Prince. The team specializes in horn, bone, coconut, and tortoise. Jean Juste and his wife also run a small kiosk selling all different types of Haitian-made jewelry, woodwork, and sandals, many of which are created by Jean himself. He says his favorite material to work with is horn because of the wide variety of styles he is able to create.
The horn and bone are first sourced at a nearby market from local meat vendors. The artisans then heat the horn over a charcoal flame and immediately flatten it with a cast iron press. Next they cut out the pattern of the product they are making, re-heat the horn over a charcoal flame, and begin the molding process. After the product has been formed by the mold, they begin an involved process of sanding down the horn with shards of glass until it is perfectly smooth and uniform and ready to be polished.